About Cubycard

The future of networking

Our mission is to take networking to a new level. By replacing the traditional business card with a digital business card, we can add new useful elements to your networking experience. The development of the Cubycard app is an ongoing process. We are always looking for new ways to fine-tune Cubycard and make our service as efficient as possible. At Cubycard, we help all companies, big or small, expand their professional network through a fun and easy user experience.

Who we are

Cubycard is driven by a talented team of developers, each with their own specialty and expertise. We firmly believe that Cubycard’s digital business card is the future-proof solution to all your networking needs.



Our vision forms the basis of our diligent partnership, which means we are passionate about achieving Cubycard’s corporate goals through a collaborative work process. If you are interested in joining our team, please send a message to



Our mission to develop a future-proof networking system goes far beyond our belief in the digital business card. Paper business cards are unfriendly to the environment. Cubycard’s products represent part of a sustainable shift within the networking business to a greener solution.


Make unlimited and lasting connections with a single Cubycard. Reduce your carbon footprint and say goodbye to paper business cards.

Upload your own design for the front side of your Cubycard

Your uploaded file should meet the following requirements:

  • – Save your design as a JPG/JPEG file.
  • – Make sure your image is 1350 by 851 pixels or equivalent. Maintain the aspect ratio to avoid stretching your design.
  • – Name the file using your first name followed by last name. For example, if your name is John Trevor, please name your file johntrevor. The file you upload should be johntrevor.jpg or johntrevor.jpeg.